Highlights fromYoram's journey


Athlete - Discus Thrower, Phys-Ed teacher and Artist

Water colour free spirited washes were Yoram's prevalent art in the 60s and 70s. He was introduced to this media by another artist Zeev Staterman and together they toured the country by motorcycle, painting in situ.


Artists, Picture Framer, Gallerist

Yoram begins to move into watercolour miniatures (see portfolio section) and evolves a unique line of jewelry using  Victorian neckless ornaments and original frames, which he develops in collaboration with a local jeweller, Jack Lindenman. He also opens a picture framing shop and an  art gallery, and evolves to become Israel's most sought after picture framer. The Gillery displays local artists, Yoram's miniatures and a curated collection of Victorian watercolours. in 78 Yoram is accepted into the prestigious Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Engravers.


Gallerist in LA and Arizona

During the 90s Yoram expanded his craft as a gallerist, art dealer and artist's agent while initially working at the Lois Newman Gallery in LA and Scottsdale. 


Art dealer and Coach

Yoram opens his own gallery; Gallery Yoram Gil in Beverly Hills, LA. 

During this time he finds himself more and more drawn to coaching artists and assisting them to evolve along the natural path of their development and carrier. In 2006 Yoram decides to close the "bricks and Mortar" gallery and to migrate it into the web. He turns his focus more towards coaching as well as private art dealership and advisor.


Digital Entrepreneur

Along side his work as an art dealer Yoram begins a new chapter in his life creating a digital experience that mimics the physical art gallery. He calls it Imhages.

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"Im am now approaching my 80s and the creative fire is burning in me again. I have returned home to the landscapes of my childhood in the Northern part of Israel, the landscapes that shaped me when I was exploring life as a young man. I live and work out of my studio apartment in Kiryat Tivon, expressing the imaginary landscapes that are evoked in my minds eye, which I am compelled to express on tiny, tiny pieces of paper"

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