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About Yoram

At the age of 78, Yoram Gil is an accomplished miniaturist, with a deep love for the Israeli landscapes, which he grew up in. Since the 70's he has been painting tiny watercolours that express his passion and love for these panoramas, packing feelings and longing into these wonderful bite-sized works of art, which can be displayed in a frame, and sometimes even worn as unique jewelry.

Today Yoram lives and paints in in his studio apartment in Kiryat Tivon, in the north of Israel.

Photo: Yoram during one of his many tours of Israel. Soaking in the views overlooking the Kineret from the little village of Kahal. Later in his studio, inspired by these vistas, he will paint imaginary scapes from memory.

Yoram painting at his Kiryat Tivon studio in Israel